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Thank You!

Thank you all for answering our call, for your true interest, and for all the balconies, facades and windows covered with geraniums, petunias and other colourful flowers. The call for applications is now finally closed, but the best part is just about to start! Around the 10th of September the jury will convene, and determine which of the proposals are the worthiest to be awarded. We are very much looking forward to deliver the prizes.

Writer Albert Wass reminds us that flowers, everyday magic should not only be part of our lives during the summer; sometimes we can also enjoy other types of colourful cavalcades: autumn leaves, the brilliant poinsettia amidst winter whiteness, fruit tree branches bursting into blossom for St. Lucy’s Day, commonly prepared kokedamas, and many more other.

“All types of soil can produce some kind of flower. Each day has got something to be joyful about. Educate you eyes to observe that.”

We wish you a beautifully decorated September! We will be back soon with the results of the jury.

Thank You!