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The Jury Has Decided!

On the 20th of September, the Jury commissioned by the Cluj/Kolozsvár Town Embellishment Society took its decisions about awarding the prizes in the competition announced by the Flowered Cluj Movement for the categories of Most Beautiful Balcony, Window and Facade. Now we are ready to reveal the winning applications! 

The aim of the Flowered Cluj Movement during the more than two months of its progress was to adorn the concrete jungle of Cluj with flowers, encouraging its citizens to decorate their living space with various flowers. During the movement mostly windows, balconies and facades could be embellished with flowers, but the Jury also chose winners for special awards. 

The Jury was composed of the following members:

Angéla Kalló, photographer, teacher at the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca;

Lilla Szabó, cultural manager, the Programme Manager of the Hungarian Cultural Days of Cluj;

Florin Moroşanu, historian, the Director of the Cluj-Napoca Municipal House of Culture (Casa Municipală de Cultură Cluj-Napoca);

Andi Daiszler, journalist, Marketing Manager of the Cluj Cultural Centre;

Arnold Macalik, architect.

 The Jury, formed of the listed flower-loving people, reached to a decision taking certain aspects into consideration. These points of view primarily weighed whether the projects entered fulfilled the criteria of the call of applications, as only photographs taken in Cluj locations were allowed to partake in the competition. Critical eyes examined the placement of the flowers, their colours and shapes, the degree to which they were in harmony with their environment, and took into consideration if apart from well-known petunias and geraniums other types of flowers were also included in the arrangements. Based on these reflections we are now able to officially congratulate the following winners:

Prize for the Most Beautiful Balcony: Balcony of Noémi Lokodi

The Jury Has Decided!

Prize for the Most Beautiful Facade: Facade and Balcony of István  Székely

The Jury Has Decided! Prize for the Most Beautiful Window: Petunia of Lupan Cristina

The Jury Has Decided!

The Special Prize of the Jury: Balcony in the Gheorgheni District of Péter Zolcsák

The Jury Has Decided!

The Special Prizes of the Society: Brătianu Street (Magyar utca) of Éva  Láng andThe Balcony of Mirela of Mirela Nădăşan.

 Megszületetett a döntés!Megszületetett a döntés!

Congratulations for the winners!

The Cluj/Kolozsvár Town Embellishment Society would hereby like to express its gratitude for all the participants of the Flowered Cluj Movement for their contributions and for making their living environments more beautiful, aesthetic, flowery. We are hoping to carry on with this work in the future and achieve our objectives together.